After builders cleaning – new cleaning service in London

Yes it is already here – one of the best cleaning companies in London is introducing new service after builders cleaning. This kind of service is quite unique and in response to customers demands for this kind of cleaning service.

When do you need this kind of service in London?

Well, if you are giving redesign or development work on your house/apartment you are exciting and organize everything for your new home. But when comes down to cleaning pollutions-paint or builders dust (not cool) or grout you need serious help. This cleaning mess is for the cleaning super helpers of Variety Cleaning London.

Is it expensive and can I trust them?

Yes you can trust them, but if you are having second guesses about this company – find another, right? The service of post construction cleaning is not the cheapest on the market for sure… It is quite time consuming and to be fair extremely hard. It is not regular dirt, after all, and it is expected for the cleaning company to have good cleaning experience and very cleaning agents.

Can I clean my home after construction myself?

Hm… yes you can, but we strongly recommend you to use cleaning service. It is not a regular cleaning of the house – this kind of pollution is difficult to be cleaned by unprofessional person like you. Trust the pros and use them.

Can I book this service while they are renovating?

Yes you can, but we do not recommend it, after all they will pollute immediately after the cleaning company cleans.  The service is after builders cleaning, not while builders cleaning, right? J

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