End of tenancy cleaning – how to do it right

If your house contract has finished, if you have a change of job or whatever reason you have for leaving the current place you are renting, in order to get your complete deposit back and get on the good side of your landlord one last time then a complete house cleaning is in order. This might be overwhelming because it’s a thorough and overall cleanup which means every nook and cranny in your living space but it is very necessary for making a good impression and valuing the place that served as your home.

“To-do” list

todo list

In order to not forget anything make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned. For example:

  • Dusting;
  • Vacuuming;
  • Mop floors with chemicals;
  • Clean all kitchen appliances, cabinets and countertop;
  • Remove residue and disinfect WC;
  • Clean windows and balcony;
  • Vacuum and steam clean all furniture (mattress, sofa, armchairs);
  • Wipe down lighting fixtures, door frames and handles.

Depending on what works for you start from the easiest or the hardest room to clean. If you want to get the difficult and more time-consuming places out of the way start with the kitchen and bathroom/toilet. In the kitchen you will need to tackle the refrigerator, oven and small appliances. Clean them using antibacterial and degreasing chemicals and be very thorough, remove all the built-up dirt and stains by scrubbing the chemical with a brush and then wiping down with a wet cloth. Don’t forget to clean the freezer in the fridge and the stove on the oven. Scrub the countertops and cabinets with a sponge and wipe everything down when dealing with end of tenancy in London.

What else not to miss

missing part

For your bathroom and toilet get a WC cleaning antibacterial chemical that is suitable for removing limestone and mold. Spray it on the bathtub/shower, sink, toilet and tiles and let it sit for a while then grab a brush and scrub away. Wash the chemical off and let the area dry off. Now you have the easy part left:

  • Bedrooms and living room;
  • Dust down all lights and furniture;
  • Vacuum the seating (sofa, ottomans, armchairs) as well as all the carpets in the apartment/house and check every compartment for something you might forget;
  • If there are noticeable stains on your mattress you cannot deal with, you can call a cleaning company to steam clean it fast and efficiently along with the sofa.

For the windows and balcony all you need is a glass cleaner and a cloth. Remove any cobwebs on the terrace, pour a bucket of water on the ground and let it dry. Check https://vangirls.co.uk/ for more useful tips and advices.

If possible leave all doors and windows open for a few hours so the place will smell as good as new and you are finished! Collect your deposit and move to your new place which you can now expect to be as clean as you left the old one.