Apply with your family for NEXUS today!

Every family trip is welcome as long as to find the right formula… We mean that travels of this type are sort of complicated when it comes to organization, planning and comfort. The last one is of most importance!

When we travel with our family of four or five (that includes kids, of course), we would like to feel comfortable. But sometimes it is really difficult for us to feel the pleasure of our journey… Due to some important factors like: kids, difficult movement, waiting on the borders and so on, we are not able to enjoy our family trip and very often we even postpone the long waiting vacation for “another time”. We are sure that if we organize our trip after the summer season when people do not travel so much, will be able to have more pleasant movement and family vacation as well. – Deception!

Do not think that to postpone your dream vacation is the right decision. You can do something else in order to provide your family with lovely and unforgettable holiday – throughout the year. You can apply for NEXUS cards (for all the members of your family) and then to travel as you always dreamed of – fulfilling!


See this web site for NEXUS family application.

But do not forget that to get a NEXUS card there is one condition, or not, they are actually two: to be a citizen of Canada or the U.S. and you to do not have a criminal record. Do you meet these requirements? If yes, and want so much to travel better that you are ready for everything, apply for NEXUS and do not waste anymore time! Go for NEXUS now…

The NEXUS family application is easy for filling in and you won’t meet any troubles during this first step (yes, this is the first step). You just have to be careful when providing your personal data (and that of other family members) so that to start the procedure successful. Once when you fill the application form, have to send it by email for processing. After that, of course, you have to pay some fee and finally to wait for approval.

Most of the applicators get NEXUS cards. We are sure that you and your family will get NEXUS cards too. And that will be the beginning of your new adventures in Canada or the U.S., so hurry up – they are waiting for you!!

If you need more information about the NEXUS cards, just email us. We remain at your disposal!