Travel better with your family and see more about the NEXUS renewal!

You travel a lot. And love the moments when arriving in the destination chosen. But together with that you hate the long lines and even are ready to postpone your trip because of the endless waiting on the border… Does all that sound familiar to you? Or you do not mind to “hang” for hours for a customs check. – With your kids…?

Probably the last one changes the whole picture, simply because to travel with your family has nothing to do with every solo trip! And if you are traveling parents, know very well what-we-mean! Yes, that is right, if you often hit the road with your beloved ones, if you have experienced once, twice or more the unpleasant emotions when waiting on the borders, you have certainly found some way for better travel… – Or not?

Well, let’s suppose that you have already checked all the ways possible for better traveling and in the end you have understood that there is no better way for a pleasant crossing the borders than the NEXUS program! If we are right and if you actually are already a member of NEXUS, while both you and your family have NEXUS cards, then we congratulate you!! See NEXUS – program online family application and send it to your friends who just like you want to travel much more pleasant…

To be a member of NEXUS is great due to several very important reasons:

  • faster crossing the borders between Canada and the U.S.
  • more pleasant stay at the airports before every flight
  • customs check without any waiting
  • using the NEXUS cards when traveling by sea, by land, as well as by air

But do not forget that nothing lasts forever! And your NEXUS card also has an expired date… So if you love it and would like to use it many times more, you have to renew it once when you notice that its expired date is close, or even you have missed it!

Do not worry – even if you have forgotten to renew your NEXUS card right on the date, have in mind that you will be able to do it later on. There are only 3 steps that you have follow, as the procedure when renewing the NEXUS cards for the whole family is even easier than the individual application!

Do not believe? – Well, try and will see for yourself that to renew your NEXUS cards is like a “play game” – easy, sample and fast! Download the family application and fill it with all your beloved ones. When you are ready, just send it by email and await your approval!