Our first Travel Post – Wanna travel? – Go for NEXUS card.


What do you think is the biggest problem when it comes to traveling by plane, by land or by sea? And do you think that every crossing the border in generally is unpleasant and related to lots of negative emotions and pressure? – If you say “no”, we won’t believe you because all we are travelers too and know very well that before to reach your destination, sometimes you literally can drive crazy while waiting on the long line for check-in or customs check! And if you travel a lot, as well as your journeys are related to visiting of foreign countries, then you know very well what we mean…nexus-reallityfactory.ca

But what is happen if you want to skip over to US or Canada? If you live in some of these two lands, probably very often you are obliged to visit some of them – work, business meetings or other commitments… Or you travel to each of them for pleasure?

Leaving aside the reasons why you go to Canada or US, we would like to pay attention to something more important – your movement… How long you cross the borders and is this process pleasant for you? – If not, and you want to find a way to travel better, then stay here and learn why you should get a NEXUS card!

But what is this card? And why it is necessary for our traveling at all. Isn’t completely enough we to have passports in order to move across the borders (both the Canadian and the US border)?

Of course, it is not 100% mandatory you to buy a NEXUS card but if you understand what the benefits of getting such a card are; you will want to have it at any cost! And even more – all the members of your family will want to become owners of NEXUS card…

Every NEXUS card will provide you with faster crossing the borders (by sea, by land and by air) and will deprive you of the endless waiting when you have to give your documents for a customs inspection. – We are sure that you do not mind about the last one because we doubt that there is someone who loves to wait!!

NEXUS card is more than convenience – it is even a great need in case the country of Canada or US is your second home! Get it and enjoy your trip. Enjoy also the easy handling with NEXUS card and always first! And when you should to travel again to Canada or US, become a member of NEXUS before to hit the road and be ready for the most pleasant traveling ever!

For more information see this amazing Video.