With a focus on child development: how to choose the right kindergarten

From the moment we are born, we start walking the steps of life and going through the different stages of growing up. As children, those people who have gone to daycare, have memories from these times even as adults. Knowing how important and shaping this phase is, everybody tries to find the best choice of establishment for their own children.

What is the point of the early attending of kindergarten


English speaking citizens who have moved away from home to Bulgaria’s capital-Sofia and are currently looking for the perfect kindergarten for their child are surely having a harder time than local ones. Being in a foreign country in the first place is stressful enough but they also want to make sure their kids are treated with the same kindness and respect as the others. They want an equal start in life for them and a high level of education in English.

All these things and more they can find in ABC Kinder Care Еnglish-language Sofia kindergarten which is a private establishment for families from all over the world that has some of the finest conditions for raising and teaching children. Attending preschool and starting education early altogether is very beneficial for all offspring for a number of reasons. Putting it off for later in time doesn’t bring many advantages and may cause delay in development or an antisocial child that isn’t used to communicating to its agemates. Getting accustomed to the surroundings helps boys and girls be more prepared for what’s ahead. The also:

  • Get to have a lot of fun from all the activities, they make memories and sometimes even friends for life;
  • Learn how to accept different kinds of people and have good social skills;
  • Are taught everything they need to know for their age and are encouraged to develop their personal skillset;
  • Learn to become more independent from their parents by spending time apart.

The perks are many, but for foreigners finding the perfect kindergarten should also include a few other factors. They need a welcoming English-speaking team of people who will help their child become a global citizen of the world while living away from their home. This is why they have a limited choice compared to local families. That doesn’t mean that they should lower their standards but that they should find an establishment that meets them all.

Which private kindergarten is the best in Sofia


ABC Kinder Care is here to help you. This is more than just a daycare- this is a family for anybody who wants to join. By choosing to trust them with your child you will get in return:

  • A tight-knit community with constant feedback of how your son or daughter is doing, possibility to keep in touch with teachers about your little one’s progress and other parents to make discussions;
  • Not only impeccable care for your child but also lots of fun games and interactive activities. When possible outdoor hobbies or sports are provided and when indoors there is a lot of creative things to do like writing, drawing, crafting and many more;
  • A team of highly educated and experienced caregivers and teachers that will give you the best of themselves to teach the class everything they need to know in a fun, interesting way;
  • Complete acceptance of any child and giving everyone a warm welcome to show children that being nice to newcomers can help them feel right in place;
  • Partnership with elite educational establishments which gives access to improved teaching methods and materials.

Your little one will feel free to discover what they like to do and what they are good at. They will feel nice and comfortable among their agemates and will make memories for life. As parents this is the time for us to go back to work, do what we love or just relax from caring for our kids since the day they were born. If you are ready to move on and make this step, call ABC Kinder Care, find out which or their locations is most suitable for you and book a meeting with them to tour the facilities.