See how to replace your NEXUS card here!

Just imagine what the feeling is, when you’ve lost something really precious for you… – Unpleasant and even terrible? – Or you actually do not care because you think that there is always a solution for any problem and everything can be replaced? If you are positive person and think that every problem can be resolved – that is great! We think the same and today are going to tell you what to do in case you have lost some very important document…

If you have to travel often, then you should have valid documents – especially when it comes down to traveling abroad! Everybody knows which they are and what the procedure when our passport has expired is.

But what happens if we live in Canada and many times a year we have to cross the border to the U.S.? Now you are going to say, that to pass the custom checks between these two countries is necessary we to have a passport or NEXUS card… – You are on the right way! But if you have lost nexus card and in the same time you do not bring your passport, then your trip will fail… Do not let that happen and replace your lost or damaged NEXUS card immediately! Apply even today for replacing and travel as you did before – fast, comfortable and without problems.

Get a new NEXUS card with several easy steps. Please note, that the procedure for replacing of your NEXUS card won’t be the same as when you applying for renewal or initial issue… In case your card is stolen, damaged or lost, you will be able to replace it by filling an application form and by sending it to the indicated email address. There is a special application form designed for all people who need a new NEXUS card, although the previous one is still valid but for some of reasons is gone or cannot be used…

There are 4 steps you have to follow in order to apply successful for replacement of your NEXUS card:

– filling of the application form

– sending your request via e-mail

– payment the service fee

– awaiting confirmation

And that is all. – Easy, fast and maximally facilitated!

Have in mind that your new card will be with the same expired date as your previous one. Another important thing for you to know is that in case there are some changes in your GOES account, you may have to pass an interview. This situation is rarely observed, but you still keep it in mind!