NEXUS card in Trump times? – What we have to know!


Every traveling is great, provided there is no long waiting at the borders (when you are traveling abroad). But can we cross the borders without customs checks? – Of course, not! There is absolutely no way we to go to some foreign country without customs control and so it should be…Holidays_Canada-realityfactory

But do you think that the crossing between Canada and the U.S. is easier and faster in comparison to the entry into another country? And do you think that although these two lands are quite near to each other, you will be able to check-in faster or to avoid the long lines when traveling by car?

Well, if you have no experience with crossing of the borders, probably you have no idea how strenuously may sometimes be every passing from one to another country! Due to the long waiting that very often takes even hours (independently from the way you are moving) your trip can be turned into a real test of your nerves…

Do not causing yourself all that stress and get the incredible NEXUS card that will be your rescue when the line seems to be endless and when you have not the patience to wait for all the people and cars in front of you!

If you do know what is this (the NEXUS card) but like very much the idea for faster crossing the borders, then learn more today and get your card tomorrow. Thus, when you have to travel again to Canada or the U.S., you always will be one of the firsts who have passed the customs control!

The members of NEXUS do not waste its time with pointless waiting and use it for some more important things… And here we would like to stress strongly that every businessman who is looking for some way to avoid the long waiting in case he has a very busy schedule and every minute is of value for him, has to be a holder of NEXUS card! In this way he will save lots of time and every travel from the U.S. to Canada or from Canada to the U.S. will even become an expected event…

The trusted Traveller program of NEXUS is created to optimize and facilitate every border crossing, as well as to help all pre-approved travelers to pass faster in Canada or the U.S. Become part of the NEXUS program and travel better, easier and more comfortable. Do not hesitate to use the NEXUS cards and recommend them to your friends and even to some of the people you know by sight – all they have to try this amazing way of movement!