Can I get NEXUS cards for the whole family? See more here!

To travel comfortable when on way with your family has to be a priority number one for you. This is really important because if you spend an unpleasant time before to get your destination, this can even ruin your holiday in the very beginning! – And you do not want that, right?

The main reason why your family vacation or business trip can be not as pleasant as you have expected is the endless waiting on the border… And if you travel with the whole family, the time while you are waiting for a customs check may seems like an eternity – the impatience of your children will even “help” to be the waiting on the border more frustrating and tense than it is…

Stop torturing and get a NEXUS card if you travel from Canada to the U.S. or vice versa. Start finally traveling in a modern and much faster way that will make your trip pleasant as never before… Apply for a NEXUS membership today and start taking advantage of its benefits even during your next family trip!

How to apply for getting a NEXUS card? Is the procedure difficult and slow?

No, to become a member of the incredible NEXUS program is just as easy as your crossing the border when being a holder of NEXUS card! And if you want to apply for all the members of your family, keep in mind that the steps you have to follow are even easier in comparison to the applying for one person. Together with that, all the children apply for free!

When applying for getting a NEXUS, you have to follow 3 steps: filling in the NEXUS online family application, sending the form when you are ready with the providing of your personal data and finally – paying of the service fee. And that is all – easy, quickly and comfortable! The most important requirement when applying for a NEXUS card is you not to have a criminal record. If you meet this requirement, everything else will be ok and you will be able to get your NEXUS card in short terms – normally, the receiving of approval my takes about 3 months (sometimes less – 1,2 months).


Travel to Canada or the U.S. without waiting on the border and much faster than before… Make happy your family by providing them with NEXUS cards – they deserve it! Be one of the thousands members of NEXUS who do not make any compromises with both the comfort and the amenities during their trips!