How to apply for a NEXUS pass?

Well, every time when it is time to write about holidays and ways of movement, we are wondering what it is all about. Isn’t easier for all of us just to hit the road and it is what it is…? Why we have to plan, why we have to worry about so many things before starting our journey and why we have to repeat over and over again the tourist program? All this is so exhausting that at some point we start wondering whether we should go on holiday at all :).

Do not miss your vacation just because it seems too complicated for you to organize everything easy and fast. Do not stay at home instead to embark on an adventure because you have many doubts and expectations that you are not quite sure whether they will be justified. We know how to make your dreams come true when it comes to travels and today are going to share this information with you!

If one of the things that disturb you are the ways of movement, this article will be like a “bullet right in the target” for you. Because we are going to speak about amazing pass that you can use when traveling between Canada and the U.S. It is called NEXUS card and is a famous, preferred and desirable document by the travelers who need a comfort and fastness. Same people hate the long lines and are ready to give everything just for a faster crossing the border. – And we completely understand them!

Canada and the U.S.

If you think that you are like those travelers and really need to travel fast, why not try the NEXUS program? We are sure that you will remain highly surprised by the advantages it will give you and the opportunities to travel as many times as you like. The NEXUS card is suitable for family people who have kids and are looking for faster crossing the border and passing the customs check as well. If we have to compare all the traveling parents with the solo travelers, definitely we would say the first ones need NEXUS cards more!

NEXUS pass for your family and kids is the best solution for you when traveling. There are no two opinions regarding the efficiency of this trusted program and you should not hesitate at all if the NEXUS cards will be useful for you… They will and you have to apply for approval soon if you want your next traveling to be different than the previous ones. You have to follow only several steps before to get your NEXUS family package, as they are as follows: application form, paying the fee, sending your application by email and passing the interview. And waiting of course… It may take some time until you receive the approval, but if you really want to change your methods when traveling, be patient! When you take in your hands the NEXUS hard will see that all the waiting was worth it.

Of course, when you get NEXUS cards for every member of your family, you must renew them at some time. And just like every important document, your NEXUS card also must be renewed after several years of use. How many years you will be able to enjoy your NEXUS pass is the question you want to know about the answer. – Or you already know it?

Whatever you are going to say, we will tell you that you can use your incredible NEXUS card 5 years. After this period you should apply likewise as before for renewal: application form that is specially created for the family travelers, sending it by email and paying the mandatory fee. In this case your personal data will be carefully checked and if there are some changes you probably will have to pass the interview once again. Have in mind the for the NEXUS program is of most importance the safety. That’s why all the applicants who have a criminal record are rejected and do not receive a membership in the NEXUS program. Hopefully, you will be suitable applicant who has no criminal record and who has a good profile. Note that the children are free of charge and almost always they receive an approval – click here for more.


There are cases when we have to apply for a new NEXUS card even that it is still valid. But for some reason we can not find it and obviously it is missing. Then we have to find some way to get another NEXUS card! – Because we are not able to travel as before (fast and easy) and that makes us crazy… Only with the thought of that we must say “Goodbye” our NEXUS card is terrible and we should find some solution of the problem in short terms and even urgent!

There is a solution for you – the NEXUS replacement! This service and option is made for the people who can’t find their NEXUS cards and often the reasons are two: stolen or lost NEXUS pass. There also are cases when you have damaged your pass and it can’t be used anymore. When this happens, you have to know that the NEXUS program can offer you “salvation”- replacement of your missing pass!

Yes, there are steps again. They are the same but the difference is that you will receive a new card but it will be with the same expiration date like the old one. We quess that this won’t be a problem for you, right? Still, you will have a NEXUS card again, as that means that you will be able to continue traveling as before: fast, easy and comfortable! Canada and the U.S. will be easily accessible destinations and you won’t have to wait for hours before and after your flight! In addition, you can travel by car, or by boat without waiting for a customs check. But you already know that, don’t you?

The end of our article has come. And as a final we would like to say that ever trip with the NEXUS cards can be unforgettable. Really, we do not exaggerate…

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