Canada and the U.S. – cross their borders by using NEXUS card!

To renew some document, whichever it is, it is quite boring for all of us because of the time that the whole procedure may take… But unfortunately, there is no other way in case some of our very important documents have expired! We have quickly to renew them and if possible, to keep all the deadlines in order to avoid the additional fees and fines.

With today’s article, we would like inform all our readers what to do when they noticed that their NEXUS cards have almost expired, or even they have already expired! As you know, the NEXUS cards are used by people who are citizens of Canada or the U.S. and more especially when they often cross their borders. If you still do not have such a card and by reading this article, you learn only now about its existing, keep reading and be up-to-date about this amazing way of traveling!

NEXUS card renewal online

Every NEXUS card will give a guarantee for a faster crossing the borders between the above mentioned countries. It is the perfect way of traveling for all families with kids and for all solo travelers as well. If you are willing to travel much more comfortable and to avoid the long lines at the airports, get this incredible card and use it for 5 years! Of course, after your NEXUS card expired, you can renew it for more 5 years and if you want to learn how to do it, do not leave this page…

Every NEXUS card can be renewed easy and quickly. The procedure is not the same as when you applying for the first time, so if you follow the four steps necessary, you will be able to get your renewed NEXUS card in short terms!

Well, the first thing you must do when you have noticed that your card is almost expired or even is no longer valid is to download the application form and to fill it with your data. When you’re ready, have to send your application for renewing by email and to pay the service fee that is about 130 USD.

The final step of the whole procedure is you to expect to receive information after your data have been carefully checked by the agents. That may take about 24 hours, so be patience and do not push the situation… In all cases the renewing of your NEXUS card won’t take more time as when you applying for the first time!