What are the advantages of a private kindergarten

When it comes to the future of our children, there is no more important mission than to provide it for them. Such a goal includes a number of smaller goals that we need to achieve to provide our dearest person in this world with a bright and happy future. The choice of kindergarten is essential because it is defined as a completely new beginning for the whole family, and at the same time a prelude to serious preschool education which must be at a high level. Where to go and which kindergarten to trust if we are English-speaking residents of Sofia – the answers to this and many other questions you will find in seconds.

What will we find in ABC Kinder Care Centre in Sofia

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The modern Sofia preschool education includes a variety of working educational methods, but also many other pedagogical tools which achieve a very good level of pedagogical training and results in terms of education and building healthy habits as well. Bet on ABC Care Centre in Sofia and get informed about the goals and the mission that this place is following. They are as follows:

  • Protection of the health and safety of children in kindergarten;
  • Highly qualified pre-school education in excellent conditions;
  • A team of professionals who deal with early childhood education;
  • Individual care that is aimed at adapting children easily and quickly to the upcoming changes;
  • Developing personal qualities and a number of virtues that will be useful for children in the future;
  • Curriculum that follows the European requirements for innovative children’s education;
  • Special approach to each child;
  • Improving skills and talents;
  • Constant communication with parents which aims to establish lasting and friendly relations between them, teachers and children. Open conversations are always a priority for the team of ABC Kinder Care Centre;
  • Trust, loyalty and a clear value system;
  • Different educational methods during the different stages of children’s development etc.

You may be wondering what the cost will be for private preschool which is supposed to be really effective. Well, frankly speaking, certainly the fee will not be the same as that in state kindergartens where the level of education is lower, and there is the impossibility for an individual approach to each child as well. You will surely be fascinated by the service at kindergarten ABC Kinder Care Centre where there is a place for every little child who is curious to know more about the world.

What else do we need to know about the kindergarten


When it comes down to choosing a kindergarten for our children, we need to find out as much as possible about it so that to make our choice infallible. If you have focused on ABC Kinder Care Centre, you should be familiar with the following facts related to the kindergarten:

  • The place opened in 2008 and is still preferred exclusively by parents;
  • The services are intended primarily for the international community in Sofia;
  • The kindergarten is attended by over 500 children;
  • The environment in ABC Kinder Care Centre is international and modern, while the training is carried out in partnership with Sofia University;
  • The focus is not only on achieving academic results, but also on the fact that children should be in a positive mood towards the world and all its nuances.

Choose ABC Kinder Care Centre and help your kids adapt to the society in a gradual and interesting way. Trust the specialist in the kindergarten and let them show your kid what is really important. Now you have a very good opportunity to set a new and unforgettable beginning that will lead to progress in every respect.