Read this article and learn how to renew your NEXUS card!

Canada is a lovely land… There you can see many incredible sights, cities, resorts and natural richness, so to spend there just a week will be quite enough! The U.S. is amazing county too. Lots of people are dreaming to go there at least once in a lifetime because this land is famous as the place of unlimited possibilities and people from all over the world even move there forever!

If you have the luck to live in some of these amazing countries, if you love your native land and for nothing in the world you wouldn’t change it, then at least you are traveling a lot! – And not only in Europe, but between Canada and the U.S., right? So, did you notice that every your travel to some of these countries is great, but it seems like something is missing? Do you think that you can do something more in order to make better your movement between their borders. Or actually you already did it?

If you tell us that you have a NEXUS card, we will be more than happy to hear that from you. We know the NEXUS program very well; we use it and do not think to stop doing it… We are huge fans of the comfortable travel and are ready for everything just to spend a pleasant vacation (In Canada or in the U.S.). For this aim, we have not only to book a direct flight or to use a comfortable car, but to think about the crossing of the borders and the passing of the customs checks as well.

To use a NEXUS card is the best thing you can and HAVE to do in case you love to travel between Canada and the U.S. (follow these simple steps). And if you know that before telling you, surely you have this card! – And what about its expired date? Can you use your card 1, 2 or even more years?

In case that your NEXUS card is expired and you want to use it as long as possible, you have to renew it after its expiration date (it is valid 5 years). You must do that ASAP so that keep traveling as before and to fully enjoy your movement. Enjoy Canada and America, do not waste your energy to get angry about the long lines and just apply for renewing of your NEXUS card and the membership in this program.

If you have some questions or need advices, just write us. We will be more than happy to help you travel better!