To travel with NEXUS is great! See why here!

Travel a lot. Travel every time when you have the chance to escape from work for a while or for more… Use your free time for exciting trips and share them with your beloved ones. If you love to explore new and beautiful destinations, probably you hit the road during every of your leave of absence, so that to fully enjoy your time away from your work obligations…

Some of the most wonderful places we have ever seen are both the country of Canada and the U.S. They have excellent location allowing you to go to the next land (if you live in some of them) whenever you want. And if you are keen on short trips and weekend holidays as well, a family vacation to America or Canada will be your best choice!

But how we can travel really pleasant when moving with our family of 5?- How to avoid the long lines when crossing the border, as well as to check-in faster and to be on the line for a customs check always first. Is there some way that to provide us with all that?

In fact, there is… It is called NEXUS and is a trusted-traveler program applicable for all the travelers who have no criminal record and who cross the borders of Canada and the U.S.! If you know about this program, but until now you have not been traveling many times a year and respectively – did not need a card that to provide you with faster movement – okay. But if things are changed and now you travel often between Canada and the U.S., maybe it is time to try the NEXUS cards…

Every NEXUS card and every NEXUS membership in general will give you opportunities you have not had so far. What we mean? – Well, the first thing you should know before to apply for getting a NEXUS card is that you as a member of this amazing program will be able to move faster not only by car, but by air and by boat too! These three ways of transportation are great and depending to your personal preferences, you will decide how to move and accordingly – how/where to use your NEXUS card/membership. You can travel as a member of the NEXUS program independently from the type of travel you are taking: holiday, business trip, long vacation etc.

Of course, to be able to use a NEXUS card, you must to apply first. This is the beginning of a new era for you when it comes to trips… You will see that every journey can be unforgettable, while the movement between Canada and the U.S. – even pleasant. In order to get your NEXUS card, you should follow several steps – easy and sample. The first thing you have to do is to fill-in the online application form. What do you think is the second one? – Paying of some fee, probably? – That’s right! Just like every applying, you have to pay the registration fee and then to send your completed application form by email.

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Do not think that you will receive an approval immediately… Good things happen slowly, so be patience and wait for a while. It is possible you may have to pass a special interview that to prove that you are an appropriate applicant. Only after you have gone through these steps will have the chance to get an approval and to use a NEXUS card in time. Note, that there is nothing guaranteed regarding the NEXUS application. But still, if you have no criminal record, if you have valid documents and meet some other important requirements, you will have a huge chance to become a member of the NEXUS program! It sounds encouraging, right? Yes, it is and we believe that very soon you will be a proud owner of a NEXUS card! Apply today!

We advise you to don’t waste time Renew your NEXUS card when it is expired… This document will provide you with the travel you have always dreamed of, so do not miss the time when you have to renew your card and keep using it. Be sure that if you travel often between Canada and the U.S., to cross the border without your NEXUS card will be very unpleasant experience. Especially if so far, you have always traveled with the services of the NEXUS program.

So, the decision is only one – renewal of your NEXUS card! If you have a family NEXUS package, the renewal will be for several cards, that is actually very good service! Instead to apply separately for each member of your family, you will be able to do that by one step – filling-in the family application form! That is another benefit for you to use regarding the NEXUS program and you do not have to miss it!


In another train of thoughts, you have the right to refuse the renewal. And that’s okay – nobody forces you to do something you do not want… But you will make sure that to renew your NEXUS card is obligatory once when you become an owner of it! Every travel and crossing the border with NEXUS is different. It has nothing to do with the movement without this trusted program. And you know very well, right?

Do not think that to apply for renewal is complicated. Do not think that you will waste lots of time while following the steps for renewal of the NEXUS cards. The truth is that actually the procedure is maximum facilitated and every ex-member of the NEXUS program can be again an owner of these amazing cards!

Dear readers and fans of the exciting trips, have in mind that to travel by using a NEXUS card is an unparalleled pleasure that you HAVE to experience. Do the best both for your family and yourself and apply for getting your first or second/renewed NEXUS card. Do not hesitate regarding the benefits of the NEXUS card and just try these cards. They are really good! And if you love the comfort during every trip, the NEXUS program is your program. Enjoy it!!